Las Vegas Workshop

Go beyond the mind and uncover your brain’s untapped potential with Neuroscience + Meditation!

In this workshop you will use Science based Neurofeedback to quantify your brainwaves while you meditate in real time!

Meditation has a deep impact on the body. Now, imagine using brain computer interface technology in real time to enhance and expand on that. With this workshop you can learn how to rewire your brain to overcome obstacles, address mental health needs and achieve your goals.

Join us for this unique one -of-a kind workshop! Great for all Meditation levels from beginners to experts. Schedule a psychophysiological stress assessment (brain mapping) with Lead Neuroscience/ Elite Mind Performance Coach Marcelo Geffen from VR Health Clinic and see what kind of meditator you are.

Then, relax and ground yourself with a guided meditation workshop led by Mind and Heart Intelligence specialist and Chelsey Pierce and record your brainwaves while being connected to an EEG (electroencephalogram). Get deeper than you ever have before, with Neuro Meditation!