VR Health Clinic has been incredibly instrumental for me while addressing major life changes and current functioning! What I like best is the new technology that VR Health Clinic uses. I was skeptical at first because of the outdated information I had regarding the process. Man was I wrong! VR Health Clinic uses high end software that makes the process easy. The software does automatic adjustments rather than the old school adjustments that needed a human to navigate. These guys come to me so helpful with time constraints. I can be having a conversation, working on a project or taking a much needed nap listening to soothing music, it doesn’t matter because the system is self regulating and automatic. I am usually a high strung person and was able to be calm during stressful situations, which was amazing! I am so happy that I gave this a try. I can’t believe the differences.


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Neurofeedback with Marcelo and his team has changed my brain and my life. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I started sessions with them. I just knew I was struggling to beat back anxiety, I couldn’t focus at work, and I was having trouble sleeping. Shortly after I started seeing them I noticed an immediate reduction in my panic response and anxiety. Soon, I was sleeping like a baby again and more recently find my ability to focus restored.

Sessions with VR Health Clinic are peaceful, relaxing and immediately beneficial. Their services are a great investment in self-care. I highly recommend them. Take your brain to the spa.


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Marcelo Geffen is definitely a Master of his craft. I started seeing him after I began chemotherapy treatments to help regulate my anxiety and to curb that “icky chemo feeling”. Not being a huge fan of putting anymore chemicals into my body to counteract the poison I was pumping into it on a bi-monthly basis, neurofeedback seemed like the obvious solution. Marcelo’s knowledge of neurofeedback allowed him to explain the process in layman’s terms and his warm presence really allowed me to relax during each session and made me feel like I was important to him; not a “patient” on an assembly line. I recommend VR Health Clinic to anyone looking to get off the pills and get their mind right, naturally! Thank Marcelo!!!



I have been amazed at what a difference neurofeedback has made in my life in a short amount of time. I have been sleeping through the night (which says a lot) and have been more focused while awake. The biggest effect ive noticed is how i process and react to various situations. My first reaction is almost always an emotional one that tends to lead to irrational thought. Since starting neurofeedback i have been able to process situations in a more rational, logical manner. My emotions cant get the better of me any more.This has improved my relationships at work and personally, as well as just made me lighten up and not overthink everything. I am able to enjoy moments now instead of being caught in irrational thought. I would highly recommend seeing Marcelo for neurofeedback to anyone who just needs to gain some mental clarity and control, as i did.

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